Black Books

  1. I. 1919

Jung. A heavy sacrifice has been brought. A new way of life opens. At this point I must listen to you, my soul.

Soul. [“I saw it. I stood and here and watched and was there all the time.

Philemon raised up the child and threw it to the ground, as you saw. Magical chains are laid on the fluttering monsters.

The Chinese magician who performed this was Philemon., the many formed and mutable.

So it happened and so it had to happen. So it was correct. Your love evoked the black fickle spirit in women.

Your love is Ka, the procreator, the darling of women. With them, spirit, with you, what you call love.  I call it the procreative force.

Bind Ka, so that he hands over his treasures to you, just as Phil. bound the fickle spirit of woman, so that she received the spirit.”

-what evil you men suffer!!. Who speaks?

S. That was Philemon. He scurried overhead, busy in the higher spheres. Ka rumbles, shaking on the rocks.

I. What do you consider as necessary in your service?

S. That you sometimes give me speech. I will not abuse you.

I. Have you still something to say to me?

S. There is nothing to be said. You ought to do the next thing, so everything distant comes to pass.

And don’t forget to lend me an ear sometimes. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 195-196