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Black Books

  1. IV. 1919.

Jung. You know what hove is in the air. I will not ask you for a long time. Tell me what you see or know.

Soul. I know something. Philemon told it to me.

I. What did he tell you?

S. He has put on the purple mantle again. He wants to have a celebration.

I. What sort of celebration?

S. A triumph.

I. Over what?

S. Over men.

I. Damn-it’s worrisome if the demigods are pleased.

S. Don’t be hasty. They too want to live. He is pleased at your greater solitude.

I. What did he say?

S. He spoke sacred words; he spoke of fulfilment. He is pleased to cohabit. The Gods always want to have a part in human life.

They too must. How else should God-men develop?

I. But Ka? What will he do?

S. He will spread superstitious shadows.

I. I feel that Philemon fills me with his wishes. I can’t accept this.

S. If the treasure of Ka comes up then you won’t be able to avoid it. Can you repudiate the treasures of Ka? No, you can’t.

So you also can’t reject Philemon’s thoughts. The one begets the other. question no further. You touch on the boundless.

Remain with yourself. Do what is yours. Six weeks of England in between. There in a haunted house in the country.

Very exhausted after coming home. Very gathered together.

  1. July 1919.138

Speak to me, I’m lost.

S. Strayed from the path? Not completely, almost straight on the difficult path. Consequently you have no dreams.

You don’t need them for the moment.

I. I’m doubtful. Do you see something?

S. I saw Philemon tonight. He wants to draw you in. I. Why that?

S. I don’t know what Philemon wants.

I. So ask him.

S. Philemon, listen, my man wants to know what you plan or want. <D. I do the necessary work-necessary for the fate of this man.

I. That is unclear. Philemon might speak more clearly?

Philemon. You are rude. I deserve respect. Have you become impatient? learn to wait. Why are you impatient? Has a success ruined you?

I. It’s possible; but I’d like to know what you are doing.

Philemon. I am still lifting up. The lower is still not exhausted.

I. What do you mean about the lower?

Philemon. The realm of Ka, Ka himself, the maker of matter.

I. Tell me why what you say doesn’t concern me.

Philemon. Because it doesn’t concern you. It’s my work, that’s not your business. It doesn’t lie on your path. You have to care for yourself.

We care for what is ours.

I. My soul, speak, do you see everything and do you consider it to be correct?

S. Almost completely correct. I notice that much happens. Something is going on, however neither <D nor Ka lets me see what it is.

I think that you do well to keep going on your way, as before. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 199-200