Black Books


At some point in 1919, Jung had the Spanish flu, during which he had some visions of spheres, which he subsequently painted (The Art of C.G .Jung, cats. 56, 57, 58 , 59, 60, 61, pp. 131- 36.

On February 6, 1959, he recalled these as follows to Aniela Jaffe:

“In 1919 I had a bad flue and forty-degree temperature.

It was the “Spanish Flu.” I felt I was losing my hold on life.

Then I had a dream. Of course, I can’t say for sure if it was a dream, or a vision:

I found myself in a small sailboat on a wildly disturbed sea. In the boat I found a sphere.

It was in the inside of the boat, and I had to bring it to safety.

Behind me a monstrous wave arose, which threatened to swamp me and the boat.

Then I landed on an island. It was a volcanic island, barren, like a lunar landscape or a dead country. Nothing grew there.

I can’t remember: was the sphere lying on the ground on the island, or did it hover over it? Later another beautiful picture came.

That must have been when I was recovering, or the dream picture denoted the beginning of the healing process: a wonderful evening sky vaulted over the island.

Between the two trees, a sphere floated or had settled there. And a last dream picture: it was in the harbour of Sousse in Tunis.

There a precious tent was set up, and in the tent the sphere dwelled or was kept.

In the harbor, the characteristic African sailboats were docked.

The impression of the harbour was very clear and very lucid.

When I landed in Sousse a few weeks later, it was exactly as I had seen in my dream. At that time I didn’t know that I would go to Africa.

That was only two or three months later.

When I arrived in Sousse, I saw right away: That is my dream!

There are the boats just like in my dream!” (cited in ibid., p. 137). ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 200, fn 138