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Black Books

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So, it is love that you claim as a natural right, although you still ought to beg for it.

You get drunk on the blood of man and let him starve-love belongs to me.

You’ll crawl and beg for it like a dog.

You’ll raise your hands.

You will fawn, in order to get it. I possess the key and I will be a more just administrator than you half-beings, you soulless souls and you godless Gods, and you godforsaken God.

You will gather around the source of blood, and you will come bearing gifts so that you may receive what you need.

Oh, men, protect the holy source so that no God can seize it for himself.

The Gods know no measure and no mercy.

They get drunk on the most precious of draughts.

They waste it in drunkenness, since they know neither God nor soul.

Presumptuousness and excessiveness, severity and callousness are their essence.

Greed for the sake of greed, power for the sake of power, pleasure for the sake of pleasure, immoderation and insatiableness, this is how you recognize the daimons.

Ha, you have yet to learn, you devils and Gods, to crawl in the dust for the sake of love so that from someone somewhere you snatch a drop of the living sweetness. learn humility and pride from men for the sake of love.

You Gods, your first born son is man. He bore a terribly beautiful-ugly son of God.

But this mystery, too, is accomplished with you.

You bore a son of men, no less splendid-terrible, and you will also serve under his rule.

Both God and man are disappointed victims of deception, blessedly blessed, powerlessly powerful. ~Carl Jung,  The Black Books, Vol