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Black Books

Jung’s Soul: “You are unbelievably defiant and rebellious. Consider the fact that the Gods are strong.”

Jung: I know.

But for once they ought to use their strength for me.

They also want me to place mine in their service. What is their payment in kind? Their torment?

Man suffered agony and the Gods were still not satisfied, but remained insatiable in their devising of new torments-they allowed man to become so blinded that he believed that there were no Gods at all, or that there was only one God who was a loving father, so that today someone who struggles with the Gods is even thought to be crazy.

They have thus prepared this shame too for those who recognize them, out of boundless greed for power, since leading the blind is easy.

They will corrupt even their slaves.

You do not want to meet the Gods halfway? ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 243