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999 ka

Black Books


  1. II. 1919.

I will speak to you of my sorrow, my soul. Solitude eats my heart.

S. What gnaws at you? Solitude? Why do you let it do this? You are covered.

I. So take this covering away.

S. I can’t. A more powerful one stands near.

I. Who is it?

Soul. Ka, as you suspect. You are in Philemon’ s shadow.

I. It is Ka! Disturbing shadow. What sorrow have you prepared with crafty hands? Why do you cover me?

Ka. You think too much, Therefore I covered you in sorrow. You should not think, but procreate.

I. Yes-your truth! How should it be lived? You build grave upon grave. What do you care about human life?

Ka. Do you want to suffocate?

I. Preferably not. If Philemon leaves shadows behind, leave me light.

Ka. light? I care only for shadows and darkness. What do I care about light?

I. What do you expect to gain from this, if you cover me with the darkness of sorrow?

Ka. I expect creation. What is the point of your whining? You are what you do.

I. So a truth. But if you lame me what can I do?

Ka. I lame you so that you obey and can’t help-

I. Doing it? A contradiction!

Ka. You go too fast-other than doing what I want you to.

I. You want to force me to obey you?

S. listen to him, he is powerful and no soul woman.

I. I am listening, what do you want from me?

Ka. Your manhood? Salome has you by the neck with evil magic.

I. My soul, why have you concealed this from me?

S. I couldn’t see it. I don’t know what Salome is doing.

I. How so?

S. She is always there where I don’t look. Do you believe that Philemon can see Ka and know what he is doing?

Why would both have different kinds of truth, if they could reciprocally see themselves and ~ know of one another?

Consequently Salome is foreign to me as well. I only see my light, never my shadow, since I see out from within- Ka alone can say what Salome is doing.

I . Why did Salome seize me?

Ka. Because you are no man, but psychically feminized. I want you to become a man. A fist against the magic of Salome.

Nothing more is needed. There is nothing to be done. I have the power and you obey. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 196-197