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Carl Jung: Why are people such fools that they do not simply do this?

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Black Books

Thursday. Jung saw one patient. Scrutinies {4} (IN, pp. 483ff.).

On November 6, he concluded his theoretical correspondence with Hans Schmid in a manner that signaled a return to the elaboration of his fantasies in the Black Books.

On November 5, he wrote to Adolf Keller in response to one of his sermons:

“You describe the process of self-awareness and self-absorption that leads to the renewal of one’s disposition and, in turn, to the brotherhood of man. I concur thoroughly with this logical insight.

Why are people such fools that they do not simply do this?

They could do so from insight and will- as we have done thus far. In reality it does not happen this way, but completely differently.

That is, this process must be lived, after which the following occurs: /

I. Stage of introversion: separation of the individual from society. Because of inordinately strong social cohesion this does not take place without misunderstanding, enmity, and hatred = war. / I

II. Stage of libido in the mother: reawakening of the archaic = psychosis. Unleashing of the highest and the deepest. An almost anarchic state, in any case a disintegration of society to a high degree. (Dismemberment motif). /

III. Stage of emergence: a mystical development and unification about which I cannot yet say much, which I am better able to sense intuitively than think.

For as yet we have hardly lived this out.

The disintegration of tradition is not yet complete.

The isolation will be insupportable.

A start on this is to be found in the national experience of isolation” (Marianne Jehle-Wildberger, ed., C. G. Jung and Adolf Keller:

On Theology and Psychology: A Correspondence, trans. Heather McCartney with John Peck [Princeton: Princeton University Press/ Philemon Series, forthcoming]) . ~The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 241, fn 220