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Black Books

Jung: What did you gain from the pagan symbol?

Jung’s Soul: “The phallus is not the foundation but the summit of a building, of a church that still lies sunken, like a tower erected over a dome. We need this church since we can live in it with you and take part in your life. You have excluded us to your own detriment.”

Hence for you the phallus is the first sign of the church in which you hope for community with the living? Speak, why do you hesitate? Blood, I need blood!”

Jung: So take, here is blood from my heart.

Jung’s Soul: I thank you, how alive that tastes!

Jung’s Soul: The air of the shadow world is thin, it is the upper boundary of the atmosphere.

Those long dead have even fluttered into the empty space, surrendered to indefinite byways, searching for new worlds, in order to enter new forms both lower and higher by adapting to the new circumstances and according to their abilities.

But we, we who are still near and incomplete, would like to return to earth, to you, to men and the living.

Do you not have an animal form into which I can enter?[“] ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 244-245