Black Books

  1. I. 1922.182

(I]. We should get more out of this bit. You said that it’s a sentence of those hieroglyphics whose surface covers that dark something.

Can you make out anything else?

S. I can. However, I hesitate.

(I]. Why do you hesitate?

S. I don’t want to augment your knowledge, on the contrary, I want to bring your knowledge into life. It used to be the opposite.

It goes like this now.

That’s why I read you only those hieroglyphs that you need to establish the relationship with your neighbors, otherwise the religion will not become actual. And it should become actual.

But it expresses itself visibly only in the transformation of human relations.

Relations do not let themselves be replaced even by the deepest human knowledge.

Moreover a religion doesn’t consist only in knowledge, but at its visible level in a new ordering of human affairs.

Therefore expect no further knowledge from me.

You know everything that is to be known from the revelation offered to you, but you are not yet living out everything that is to be lived at this time.

[I] . I can well understand and accept this. However, just how the knowledge could be implemented in life is dark to me.

You must teach me this.

S. There isn’t much to say about this. It isn’t as rational as you are inclined to think.

The way is symbolic. Explain to me the feeling that you had today.

[I]. I felt dejected and unfree and did not know what emptiness oppressed me and what darkness lay on me.

S. You are surrounded by the veils of the Great Mother, mystery surrounds you. Should I reveal it to you?

Can you bear the light? Light, that is no knowledge, but-fact.

[I]. You frighten me. Is it bad?

S. No, but difficult: the saying of the Mother has fulfilled itself: your dark side has received.

That’s why you were silent and turned in on yourself.

[I]. Explain to me, what does this receiving mean?

S. That the Great Mother will beget, as the saying puts it.

[I] . How is that to be understood?

S. I can’t say anything further.

It is an event from which no knowledge can be made, since it itself is knowledge become flesh.

That is the meaning of the painting that you recently painted.

Thus the great mystery of the divine jewel that you have received comes into actuality and lives. You will speak with your wife.

[I]. What should I speak of?

S. What I am going to give you.

[I]. But how will I recognize what you give me?

S. Because you express it.

[I] . I fear that my intention will inhibit me. I fear that I will not find what is correct.

S. What you say will be what is correct. What you will learn from me you must apply to your wife.

You also speak to me and don’t know what you have to say, nor what I will say.

You should also speak to her like this, and just as I answer your questions, so also will she answer.

You trust me to speak from myself, why do you not also trust your wife? Much rather you should trust your wife.

[I]. I feel that I will have great difficulty in relation to this and I feel quite helpless.

S. Why? If you yourself can bring the shades to speak, why not living people?

[I]. It is so much more difficult. I shy away from people’s emotions and from my own. I wish this were not the case.

S. And so you should try it. How else can you establish relationship?

Ask, so she has to give an answer and leave her all responsibility for her answer. Trust her also to be resourceful from herself.

[I]. Isn’t there anything else you want to tell me today? I’m not at all sure that I should give it a try just now.

S. Why not now? I’ve nothing else to tell you today. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 215-217