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Black Books

  1. III. 18.

I. My soul, you should help me obtain and keep that middle point where I am in God and not in God, where I stand between the Gods.

S. So you mean the state of being hanged? You call this the middle point between the Gods. You take too great a share in God’s process.

I. How can I take less, if I am still completely in God, inside and outside?

S. You are certainly in God inside and outside and yet you are you, with your truth neither inside nor outside, but in between, also neither above nor below, but in between.

You are not the seed, but its covering. Oh, that this speech were richer! Or better perhaps, if it were poorer.

The wealth of the possibilities of representing and describing is a misfortune.

I. What is with you? What foreign spirit has struck you?

S. I am under a spell, a foreign power meddles. Science wants in, probably from you.

You have to take care of this. My work is done. Farewell. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 181