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Black Books

Jung: My soul, you separated doubleness, what is it? Someone is disturbing me. Speak: Who is it?

Jung’s Soul: “A good friend.”

Jung: Oh, are you an enemy? Who are you? Where do you come from? I sensed you already yesterday: Speak, what do you want?

Dark One: I come from afar. I come from the east. I seek your hospitality.

Jung: You are hostile to me. Why do you come to me?

Dark One: “I am not hostile to you. I am a stranger to you.”

Jung: So who are you?

Dark One: My skin is dark and the white of my eyes shines. I bring you the Eastern way.

Jung: What is that?

Dark One: Abstinence!

Jung: From what?

Dark One: From man.

Jung: What? Enhanced solitude?

Dark One: No, abstinence from man, abstinence from human joy and suffering.

Jung: That is Eastern wisdom!

Dark One: You need it. It belongs to being one among the many. You hear the word: attachment? Don’t you see that it reaches over into the life and essence of the other? You fall from the path and you draw the other from the path.

Jung: Compassion, but no attachment.

Dark One: Compassion with the cosmos.

Jung: A will toward the individual held in check.

Dark One: Attachment leads to alienation.

Jung: Compassion remains misunderstood, therefore it works.

Dark One: Not wanting to understand, but letting it work.

Dark One: I come to you, since the primordial binds us together.

Surrender and abstinence, little talk and simple action.

Far from longing, know no fear.

Far from love, love the whole, free from fallacy.

Slow growth saves the individual and creates a people.”

Jung: Why are you as dark as the earth of the fields? I’m afraid of you; such pain, what have you done to me?

Dark One: I am the death that rose with the sun. I come with quiet pain and long peace. I lay the cover of protection on you. In the midst of life begins death. I lay cover upon cover on you so that your warmth will never cease.”

Jung: You bring grief and despair. I wanted to be among men.

Dark One: You will go to men as one veiled. Your light shines at night. Your solar nature departs from you and your star begins.

Jung: You are cruel.

Dark One: The simple is cruel, since it does not unite with the manifold.

Jung: I understand you. I want to be simple. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page221-223

The preceding sentence was replaced in LN by:

“With these words the mysterious dark one vanished.

But Philemon regarded me with a serious and questioning look.

‘Did you take a proper look at him, my son?’ he said. ‘You will be hearing from him.

But come now, so that I can fulfill what the dark one prophesied for you.’ / As he spoke these words, he touched my eyes and opened my gaze and showed me the immeasurable mystery. And I looked for a long time until I could grasp it: but what did I see?

I saw the night, I saw the dark earth, and above this the sky stood gleaming in the brilliance of countless stars.

And I saw that the sky had the form of a woman and sevenfold was her mantle of stars and it completely covered her” (p. 538).

LN then continues with the entry from February 17 (see below, p. 228). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI., Page 223, fn 87