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000 soul

Black Books



Jung saw five patients.

This entry was replaced in LN by the following:

“But I remained anxious and confused for many days.

And my soul remained silent and was not to be seen.

But one night a dark crowd knocked at my door, and I trembled with fear.

Then my soul appeared and said in haste,

‘They are here and will tear open your door.’ / ‘So that the wicked herd can break into my garden?

Should I be plundered and thrown out onto the street?

You make me into an ape and a child’s plaything.

When, Oh my God, shall I be saved from this Hell of fools?

But I want to hack to pieces your cursed webs, go to Hell, you fools.

What do you want with me?’/ But she interrupted me and said,

‘What are you talking about? let the dark ones speak.’/

I retorted, ‘How can I trust you? You work for

yourself, not for me.

What good are you, if you can’t even protect me from the devil’s confusion?’/ ‘

Be quiet,’ she replied, ‘or else you’ll disturb the work'” (p. 507). ~The Black Books, Vol. V., Page 281, fn 418