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Black Books

What are you wondering? One goes on the road to the inner and to arrive at the outer.

The other goes toward the outer to reach the inner.

Both roads are good and meet each other, and both need to be walked.

How should you live differently than one moment in God and the next moment outside of God?

If you are and remain inside God, you will be buried in his eternal effect.

If you are and remain outside God, you never come to yourself and you remain a shell of yourself, a mirage in your own desert.

So at any given time you should be with and in yourself and so with and in God.

But if you remain in yourself, the deadly shadow of God overwhelms you and wants to bury you alive.

Since God shines out of you and nourishes Philemon and Ka and goes to men and is the nourishment of their God, in so doing he divests himself of himself.

So you should do just as God does. You will not live any other way. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 182-183