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Black Books


After all, I told you that the world has acquired a new face, a new cover was thrown over it.

How odd that you [Elijah & Salome] didn’t know!

Old Gods have become new.

The sole God is dead-yes, truly, he died, he kept too many different things inside of him, thus he disintegrated into a multitude.

Thus the world became rich overnight.

Even the soul, the unique one, lost her powerful singleness, she also disintegrated into a multitude.

Therefore men became rich overnight. How is it possible that you didn’t know this!

What else? Ah, it is so much!

The sole God became two, again a single one and a multiple one, whose body consists of many Gods.

But the single one’s body is only a man and is bigger than the sun.

But the soul became the steps of its ladder, closest, nearest, near, far, further, furthest.

First she is my own being, then she is a serpent and a bird, then she is mother and father, then even further away Salome and Elijah.

But I can hardly think that you still belong to me, or else you should know what happened in my world.

I therefore have to reckon you among the daimons, not daimons of men, but of mankind; that is why you are bound to the age-old and existing, why you don’t know anything about the contemporary being of man.

But it is good that you came. Take part in what exists.

Because what exists should be in a way that you can take part in it. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 238