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Black Books

Dear lord Jesus Christ, we are not pure. The mud of hell sticks to us.

You said: [“] My God my God, why have you forsaken me,” when you hung on the cross in the final torment. Likewise we lose heart because we are not pure.

Each of us is on the cross between two criminals, one ascending to Heaven, the other descending into hell.

Yes, that was your torment of the cross, Lord Jesus Christ, yes, you hung on that cross, you yourself the suffering of the world and its impurity.

Oh, you, the greatest of all sufferers, yourself pure, you carried the impurity of the world.

And we ourselves, impure, are carrying the burden of our own purity.

Because one stepped into us, a veiled one, the son of the earth, and eased our torment with his impurity.

So great was your work, Lord Jesus Christ, so glorious your redemption that you left us, that we were able to take up the impurity of the earth and yet carry the purity that you gave us.

Now you verily have become the first one of those who sleep.

Amen. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 239-240