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Black Books

Jung: I recognize that the torment of the Gods reached me.

Therefore I also recognize that I must yield to the Gods. What is their desire?

Jung’s Soul: “They want obedience.”

Jung: All right, I will, but I fear their desire, therefore I say: I want to do what I can.

On no account will I take back onto myself all the torment that I had to leave to the Gods.

I reserve conditions for myself, as you can do in relation to someone who depends upon your help.

The Gods should recognize this and direct their desire accordingly.

There is no longer any unconditional obedience, since man is no longer a slave, but also a God of the Gods.

He demands respect, since he belongs to the world of the Gods and he is a limb that even the Gods cannot do without. Falling to pieces before the Gods is no more.

So let their wish be heard. I shall willingly hear it out,

But I shall also speak my will.

The confrontation will sort things out, each having their fitting portion. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 242