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Visions Semnars

We are out of the second Fish and are just approaching the borderline between Pisces and the next sign.

It will take us still about ten years to arrive there, and if we move a little farther on we come to a star (F) which is not very big but it seems to be particularly influential.

This is the first star of Aquarius. Now Aquarius is the only human sign with the exception of Virgo.

Gemini doesn’t count because it refers only to children, but Aquarius and Virgo are adult human signs.

Aquarius is a male sign, and it is not just a question of currents-he has caught the water in the two jugs and he says: “Now I am going to show what currents are.”

The water itself no longer moves, and if there are fishes in it, he has also caught the fishes; he carries the jugs and pours out the water himself.

So he has acquired a certain superiority and it is an entirely human figure, above and below.

The old Egyptian symbolic sign for water is this: The lower line is the heavy sticky atmosphere that covers the surface of the earth, and the line above is spiritual, it belongs to the high heavens.

Aquarius represents the thing above as well as the thing below.

Therefore in semiantique representations of Aquarius-there is one most interesting old illustration in a codex of the seventh or eighth century-he is shown as an ithyphallic figure, like a very primitive god of fertility.

Miss Wolff: In medieval representations the sign of Aquarius often has a fish’s tail.

Dr. Jung: Yes, like a mermaid, but that is rather exceptional.

In the oldest representations it is always the man with the water jugs; he obviously has a double nature, but in one man.

Dr. Ott: Could we not correlate here the idea of transition from the static to the energic? We have had the three dimensions of space, and now we have added the concept of the fourth dimension, or time, which brings in the idea of energy.

Dr. Jung: That would all be contained.

The idea of the fourth dimension is a wonderful myth of our time, it is of the same nature.

Aquarius, then, is the sign of the man whose ideal is the union, the oneness, of animal and divine, and in the square the two things are brought together. And that fits in with our ideas perfectly, we have no argument against it.

Now below Aquarius we must expect something else, like that huge whale, as a basis or a threat, whatever it may be.

And coming out of Cetus the whale is a southern constellation, which is not visible with us and which is not a mythological concept.

It is called the Sculptor, the artist who produces.

On this map we can see only a corner of it, but it continues some distance to the right, and it is below the first half of Aquarius. ~Visions Seminars, Page 732-734