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Visions Semnars

I have already told you of the two Fishes, and how Christ was called Ichthys, the Fish, and about the antichrist, the antithesis of Christ; also the chronology, the fact that the middle of the commissura corresponds to the year 1500 when the great schism occurred, the dissociation of the universal Catholic church.

That was the end of the old Christianity and the beginning of Protestantism. And then here (D) would be about 1720, the time of Diderot and the French Enlightenment, when Christianity became the object of criticism for the first time since the beginning of our time reckoning.

The French Revolution followed, the liberation of human reason, and after that the exodus of science out of the church.

Finally the complete reversal, the breaking away of a great part of the Eurasian continent, with the Russian Bolshevists violently destroying Christianity, and the churches entirely deserted.

All that fits in with astrological psychology, so there is something in astrology that holds water.

Now in studying the psychology of these projections we should pay attention to the neighboring fields, and there we shall see very interesting things.

For if we give any weight to this projected psychology, we must assume that the surrounding constellations are not merely accidental, they probably have a psychological connection with each other, forming a sort of meaningful tissue; so it is worthwhile to study them from that point of view.

I call your attention first to the constellations that are below, and that is a pretty simple affair. The big constellation is Cetus, the whale.

The idea is that below the conscious sphere of man, which is given in the zodiacal signs, is an enormous whale.

As you know, the whale plays a great role in mythology, it is the great whale dragon.

One still finds the idea in Jewish cabalism, which is built upon very early premises, that a third of the sea is filled by one animal called the leviathan, the enormous whale monster.

A Japanese myth that the world is built upon the back of an enormous salamander is similar.

And all the legends of heroes that overcome whale dragons have probably to do with that huge monster.

For we always have the feeling that the unconscious-often called the sub-conscious-is below the brain somewhere or below our feet, just as we think of hell as below.

Since the two world months of Aries and the Fishes seem to have the character of consciousness above, it is quite possible that Cetus below represents the great monster of the unconscious, ever threatening to swallow the conscious world.

People were beginning to follow all sorts of conscious pursuits, but there was always the fact of the monster that might swallow the whole world just coming into existence.

And Cetus, the sign of that condition, the enormous danger of the unconscious, extends practically to the point where we are now. ~Visions Seminars, Pages 728-729