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Visions Semnars

In the age between 2200 and 100 B.C. human civilization and the human intellect advanced tremendously.

We know little of the time before-the age of Taurus-but it seems to have been chiefly a period in which the arts and crafts, and politics and strategy developed, which comes from the fact that everything influenced by Taurus is supposed to be artistic and of a very earthly nature, because Taurus is the Domicilium Veneris, which makes everything beautiful.

That time was characterized by earthly beauty and power, empire, great conquests, etc., all of a chthonic nature.

But Aries was of a different quality; it is quite true that the intellect developed then, it was an age of great philosophical development. Greek philosophy, and the Vedic philosophy-the Upanishads-and the great Chinese philosophy all arose at about that time.

There was a group of particularly brilliant stars towards the end of Aries (C), between Alpha Aries and Beta Aries, and that would be exactly the time between 600 and 400 B.C. which is characterized by the great schools of Athens, such as the school of Pythagoras and the Greek philosophers down to Plato; and in China, by Lao-tze and Confucius, down to Chuang-tze.

It was the time of the greatest unfolding of the human mind before our era. ~Visions Seminars, Page 727-728