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Visions Seminar

Dr. Jung: It would be anahata as understood by the animus.

Miss Wolff’ It seems to me that the specific functions of the heart and lungs are important, and I think Mrs. Sigg’s point would be symbolic,
that the heart functions in and for the body itself, whereas in the lungs there is an interchange with the outer world: they either take in air, or they give it out-they relate the subject to something outside.

Dr. Jung: Yes, that aspect comes in too.

But I am not quite certain whether it would not be the other way round, whether instead of golden lungs she should have a golden heart.

Miss Wolff: I mean the lungs might be emphasized because she is apparently still in the condition where she wants to get the spirit from
outside, instead of having it in her own heart.

Dr. Jung: But I am not so sure that it is an attempt to get the spirit from outside.

It is true that the lungs have to do with the interchange with the outer world and the outer air, and it looks as if to her that would be the
main aspect of anahata; that is quite possible.

But I am still doubtful; I think we shall get further light on it from the next symbol, the tongue of the serpent. ~Visions Seminar, Page 1234-1235