Visions Seminar

Miss Wolff: But is thinking in general terms a new acquisition? In medieval times did they not think in general terms?

Dr. Jung: I am speaking of the scientific spirit of modern times.

In the Middle Ages, or in the development of the Christian virtues, they thought in a different way, they thought of souls and of the individual welfare, what they could do for the people just near them.

In modern times the scientific spirit thinks of so many heads of cattle, so many virgins.

They take the poor, for instance, all together, no matter who they are, and count them as so many heads.

That is thinking in abstractions and handling the problem as if some mechanical contrivance could solve it, as if a scientific solution could be invented.

But the problem itself is utterly unscientific because it consists of individuals only.

This is also scientific, sure enough, but in the end it must be an individual problem. ~Visions Seminar, Page 1288