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The Jungians by Thomas Kirsch

In 1953 John Perry published a book, The Self in Psychotic Process, for which Jung wrote the introduction.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 84

Over the years he [John Perry] became sexually involved with female analysands. In the early 1970s he was put on probation by the California State Medical Board, but, in spite of the warning, continued his practice of having sexual relations with female clients. ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 85

In 1981 Perry was brought before the Ethics Committee of the San Francisco Jung Institute where his behavior toward female clients was investigated. The committee decided to place him on “indefinite suspension,” which was a painful process and difficult decision, because Perry was valued as an analyst, teacher, lecturer, writer, and because he had one of the most creative minds in the San Francisco Institute. ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 85

Perry led a research project at Agnew’s State Hospital in San Jose on this approach, and a short while later a center named “Diabasis” was established in San Francisco to continue the work.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 84

Meanwhile John Perry had developed a devoted following, and in his private analytic practice he enacted his belief that the powerful sense of union, coniunctio, which occurs between patient and analyst in an exploration of the unconscious, could be physically consummated.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 84

In 1950 a significant individual, John W. Perry, MD, had joined the San Francisco group after having received a Rockefeller grant to study for a year in Zurich and after completing his psychiatric residency.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 84

Perry’s father was the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Rhode Island, and Jung had stayed with him at the time of the Harvard Tercentenary in 1936.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 84

Eventually, his [Perry] connection to the Institute was severed when he was forced to surrender his medical license to the State Licensure Board of California. ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 85

John Perry was a leading figure in modern schizophrenia research before his lack of professional ethics ran his career aground.  ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 90