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Jung-White Letters

There are very understandable reasons which have made it difficult for theologians and philosophers to take Jung’s work seriously.

The obstacles to understanding are considerable, and should not be minimized …

Regarding evil as having (apparently) some positive existence and reality of its own, Jung logically enough requires the admission of evil, not only into the “self”, the human totality, but also into the Godhead itself … which orthodox Christians must find quite inadmissible. ~Victor White, The Story of Jung’s ‘White Raven” Page 75

… is he [Jung], after the manner of his own “Yahweh” duped by some satanic trickster into purposely torturing his friends and devotees?

Or is he, more rationally, purposely putting them to test to discover how much they will stand rather than admit the fallibility of their master—or how many, more Job-like, will venture to observe that the Emperor has appeared in public without his clothes? ~Victor White, The Story of Jung’s ‘White Raven” Page 352

The Story of Jung’s White Raven by Victor White