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Black Books

7- I. 1922.

[I]. My soul, speak to me and tell me what needs to be said.

You know that I don’t do this work with joy-and yet also with joy, since this is the only thing that leads and enlightens me in the present darkness. Talk to me!

S. I lead you along dark ways. Patience is necessary, I can’t speak yet, only grope. The pace is slow and the way is steep.

Yet one must travel it. Is something getting to you?

[I]. I ‘m worried and I don’t know what it is. It seems to be far away.

S. Yes, it’s not near. What is near is good. But the distant is dark. I can’t rightly make it out.

It’s like a heavenly body seen from the greatest distance, not a star, but a dark body, with some kind of structure. Do you see it too?

[I]. Only with the inner eye, but unclearly, as you describe it. But perhaps you see something that I can’t discern. .

S. It’s covered with hieroglyphs, which I can convey to you. \21 ~ Y:;> )f C rn (~

This seems to be a sentence. It looks like a message.

[I]. How is it to be read?

S. In the beginning there is the moon and the sun, feminine and masculine, yet the feminine contains the masculine.

The second sign is a vessel that contains the four functions, apparently the body which contains the psychic.

This is connected with what I told you yesterday about the masculine and the feminine and about the earth.

The third sign is difficult: a fishing rod and a fish.

The fishing rod is too big and the fish too small, so it can’t be caught. The fourth is a scale that is unevenly loaded.

The fifth contains the small scale tray, the other side is firmly bound to the earth. The scale no longer moves.

Both the lines below are the two fish, which aren’t too big, to be placed in the scale tray.

The sixth is again the moon, the feminine, which gives birth to three masculine stars that belong together.

The two fish are raised up, and somehow hang together with the three small suns. The ..J means the end of the sentence.

[I]. But what in the world does this message mean and where does it come from?

S. From the cosmic, i.e., from what is before birth and after death.

The Great Mother Night, which carries the sun in her body sends the message. Reason enough to read it carefully.

The first sign is apparently the nocturnal Isis herself, who has taken the masculine into herself.

That was in the cards today, the ace of spades that fell to you. You stand in the sign of the feminine.

The second sign refers to you, i.e., the message turns to you and says in the 3rd sign that this fishing rod is too big for the fish.

The fish that you should catch is still somewhat beyond, also your balance is out of order. You don’t stand wholly in the middle.

What can that relate to?

First we’ll look further.

The balance should be fashioned in a way that one side of the scale, the right, consciousness, should connect with the earth.

That can relate only to your wife, who can give you strength. The other side is Toni.

She apparently has the calling to receive the two fish.

What does that mean?

It seems she has the instruction of the Great Mother about this. In this sense she should be observed, also her dreams.

But probably she must be kept hovering, perhaps in the sense that I spoke to you yesterday.

The Great Mother then promises the birth of the 3 small suns or heavenly bodies and the two fish between.

The 2 fish relate to the Christian and the Antichristian, which in the meaning of the future follow the three suns, which are related to the new religion.

The sun is the masculine positive, the illuminator.

A triumvirate, you, Emma, and Toni, the symbolic bearers, the Egyptian symbol, indicated in the word “FANDRAGYPTI,” pheasant of the Egyptians, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys.

Nephthys-Toni therefore receives both the fish, i.e., the night or unconscious side.

Both the fish fertilize the mother and cause the birth, the Christian-Antichristian follows behind as the afterbirth. This prediction is good.

You can calm down.  ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 213-215

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