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Jung-White Letters

Easter Sunday 1946

Dear Dr. Jung

Thank you so very much. It all sounds like my idea of heaven, & I am at once setting about to put passports, permits & tickets in order.

My only misgiving is that I am the world’s worst cook; & I see myself tom by the horrible dilemma of giving you indigestion or the humiliation of letting you cook my meal!

I suppose the humiliation would be better for us both, but I am certainly going to try & get some lessons in cooking before August. …

Before long I hope to send you a few notes on one or two points of detail in “Psych. u. Alchemie”32 which perhaps may interest you.

With very kindest regards,

Yours very sincerely & gratefully, FR. VICTOR WHITE, O.P. ~Victor White: Jung-White Letters, Page 33


Dear Professor Jung,

Blackfriars, Oxford            23.6.

I am venturing to enclose a few hasty jottings which I have made regarding some points in your grand book, “Psychologie und Alchemie”.

I am afraid that some of them are hardly disinterested, being a plea for my own alchemical propensities against the imputation of heresy!

But there are others which may perhaps be of some interest to you in preparing a second edition.

They are only a few of the very many things I hope to be able to talk to you and ask you about in August.

I am looking forward immensely to my visit. My present plan is to spend a day or two on the way sightseeing in Zurich, and I also toy with the idea of visiting Einsiedeln for the Mariahimmelfahrt celebrations.

If it would be convenient to you, I would come to you on the afternoon of August 15th., arriving at Bollingen at 14.40.

I should be very grateful if you would let me know if this is not a convenient day and time.

In a previous letter you told me that the English volume, The Integration of the Personality was “badly translated” and “was forced out of your hands by the thrift and ‘pep’ of an American publisher”.

Naturally I understand that this information was not intended for publication, but I am wondering if I might be allowed to publish the statement that the collection and translation of the essays in The Integration of the Personality was not authorised or approved by you – and without running any risk of courting a libel-action from the publisher?

The reason I ask is that there has recently appeared a book called The Mind and Heart of Love (!) by Father M. C. D’ Arey, S.J. which contains a chapter which very severely, and very uncomprehendingly, criticises you and your psychology.

Fr. D’ Arey bases his attack almost entirely on the Integration of the Personality – indeed, apart from some parts of Psychology of the Unconscious, this seems to be the only book of yours he has read!

A considerable number of people have been asking me to write a “reply” to this attack. I confess I find the idea thoroughly boring and distasteful; I don’t think it unfair to say that his criticism is for the most part extremely shallow and unworthy; but Fr. D’ Arey has a great reputation over here as a philosopher and theologian, and it is thought that his criticisms may do a great deal of harm.

He is now, in fact, the Head of the English Jesuits, and it is rumoured that he may shortly be elected as “Black Pope”, head of the whole Jesuit Order!

Although it would not be essential to mention that The Integration of the Personality was unauthorised, it might indeed be helpful if I could be allowed to mention the fact – if I can find the time and inspiration to get down to the job at all.

Priestley’s broadcast seems to have made a great impression; I thought he did it extraordinarily well considering all the difficulties of popular broadcasting. Miss Wolff’s visit, too, was greatly appreciated.

Hoping you are in the very best of health, dear Professor Jung,

Yours very sincerely, FR. VICTOR WHITE, O.P. ~Victor White, Jung-White Letters, Page 34-35