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I once advised you to talk over your problems with my wife.

001 Emma Blue

Letters Vol. II


Dear Dr. N., 28 January 1933

I understand your difficulties, but I have to tell you that it fares with every civilized man as it formerly did with Doctor Faustus, who also was unable to follow the Mephistophelean advice that he live the simple life of a peasant.

This for the simple reason that civilized life is no longer the simple life.

The civilized man must be able to change his whole attitude accordingly.

You know that Faust finally had to approach the unsavoury witches’ cauldron.

Today this is called analysis.

You rightly surmise that I am an expensive customer.

I have to be, otherwise I would be eaten up skin, bones, and all.

Therefore I wanted to give you good advice and save you a lot of money.

From earlier days you naturally still have the amiable habit of expecting effects from others.

You have yet to learn how one can produce effects on oneself, and you can learn that from simpler people than me.

Nor, in the last resort, could I conjure them up for you as if by magic, but you would have to do the ultimate and best yourself.

You must only learn how to make the effort, and that was what I meant when I once advised you to talk over your problems with my wife.

I thought you would continue these discussions.

I am sorry it is not possible for me to see you for the next four weeks as I am soon going to Germany on a lecture tour.

Therefore I would advise you to try once again and this time more thoroughly.

You know very well that what you put into something with a serious effort will always come out again.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 115-116