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Black Books

Friday. Jung was sick and canceled appointments with seven patients.

In “Dreams,” he recorded the following episode on this day:

Sick since yesterday. Colitis mucosa. As . . . [?] Very deep introversion in the evening.

Completely frozen.

At first a vision: Dark sky over the Albis.

A fountain of fire rises from the mountain.

A golden bird lowers himself down on it from above with a crown in its beak.

It flies over the lake toward me.

While it approaches me, it becomes immensely large.

It delivers the crown to me.

While it comes to me, an entire garland of fiery beams soars from my head.

My wife stands in front of me, Maria on my left, and Toni on my right. I faint.

At this moment I see a second vision behind this vision [ . .. ] characters: a young girl, similar to Grethli, around 17 years of age, leaning against a piano, smoking a cigarette.

I: What are you doing here?

She: I look after you.

I: Why?

S.: So that the fire will not burn you.

I.: Why do you play the piano?

S.: To distract myself.

I.: Why do you smoke?

S.: Also to distract myself.?


Grethli was Jung’s daughter, Gret Baumann Jung (1906- 1995). ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Page 283, fn 316