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001 serpent

Black Books

Jung: I submit myself to your words. Speak!

Phanes: It is at the beginning of all things-a secret subterraneanness-birth pangs of what is to come-the decline of the contemporary-look toward the firm island, toward the rocks that salvage you and the child.

Brightness- the fragrance of flowers-an unparalleled spring time-a night of love-a wedding of the souls-

The serpent also became light-she is pulled aloft-her light spreads out-do you hear the bell? The first bell strikes- a call goes out over
the land.

Have you money on you? Put it away-your hand touches the heavenly.

Have you found water? Drink it as a sign of the birth.  Is the fire kindled? Cast wood into it to make it blaze.

Are you weary? Revive yourself-the time of rest begins.”

Jung: Who are you, that you utter such dark words?

Phanes: “I am Phanes, your light. Sharpen the sword so that it slashes. light the torch so that the darkness grows luminous.”

Jung: What am I supposed to do with your dark words? Should I act or listen?

Phanes “You should stay quiet, so that it comes to you.[“] ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 282-283