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The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals by Barbara Hannah

Even these holidays I experienced that no matter how cheerfully one wakes up in the morning, the animus can be there right away with the most depressing thoughts about things that have happened and insinuations that you are no good.’

If you can catch him before he gets hold of you, if you can do something without letting him inundate you, then you manage him, so to speak, as the Egyptians do the Nile. ~Barbara Hannah, Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

The presence of the new moon at the start beautifully introduces the feminine principle.

And as we leave the zodiac, we must just mention the fact that the heavenly assumption of the Virgin is celebrated by Catholics in the middle of August just as the sun passes out of Leo. ~Barbara Hannah, Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

I have often quoted Emma Jung, who told me something that I found very helpful after I had been here a year or two.

She had a great belief in negative emotions and thought a lot could be made out of them if you just found a way to have them express themselves instead of giving in to them or fighting them back.

The woman’s individual battle against the animus when he tries to get hold of our emotions would be an instance of the blacksmith forging the fire of the lion on the anvil. ~Barbara Hannah, Archetypal Symbolism of Animals