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I let my animus whisper utter nonsense to me

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Jung My Mother and I


June 24, 1935

This interview simply blew up the foregoing one because I let my animus (as Dr. Jung said) whisper utter nonsense to me such It might be of interest to you to know that Doctor Jung, with whom I am working, was originally a friend and co-worker with Freud, but he soon broke away from him for various reasons, which are too complicated to write you in a short letter. . ..

He is one of the most deeply religious men, in the true sense of the word, whom it has been my privilege to meet.

All of intellectual Europe is beginning to recognize that he is one of the most, if not the most powerful intellectual force which has appeared since Schopenhauer Keyserling told a friend of mine the other day that he considered Jung the most superior mind that he’d ever encountered.

It is a liberal education to sit at his feet and it is a most inspiring experience to attend in the new great lecture hall of the University his special lectures in German before the Philosophical Society, and to hear the tremendous applause with which they receive the man whom previously the University had forced out because of their inability to understand his high and advanced thinking. . ..

Analysis is Work, hard, tedious and at times discouraging but I am sure the results justify all the work and energy one puts into it.

It is of course just as lonely for me as it is for Jim but the extraordinary reestablishment of Janey’s health has justified the long stay in Switzerland. ~Katy Cabot, Jung My Mother and I, Page 49-50