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Dear Professor Jung:                                                   16.11.45

The wonderful gift of your Psychologie u. Alchemie arrived safely this morning.

I really do not know how to thank you sufficiently. It will always occupy a most important place among my most valued & proudest

I confess that I had not anticipated a work of anything approaching its size & thoroughness.

So far I have been able to do no more than skim over the first pages of the “Einleitung” ( of which, of course, I very thoroughly approve!) & to glance at the magnificent collection of Abbildungen.

They alone will provide me with life-long matter for contemplation, & recall to the “materia prima” from which so much in my very busied & rather harrassed existence is apt to distract me!

A few days ago I received a very interesting letter from a Spanish Jesuit, by name Pedro Meseguer, who is writing an Exposicion y Critica de la Psicologia de C. G Jung,  & is also editing a series of volumes on Psicologia y Pastoral.

He also sends a review by himself of a book by a German Catholic, Dr. Josef Goldbrunner,92 called Die Tiefenpsychologie von C. G Jung u. christliche Lebensgestaltung93 (published by M. Lassleben, Kallmiinz i.iber Regensburg, 1942). I wonder if you know this book, & whether it is satisfactory.

I am extremely interested to find that during the war years, Catholic writers in Spain, Germany & England have been inspired by your
work to write quite independently of one another on what seem to be similar lines though I detect a certain difference of emphasis (such as might indeed be expected) between the approach of the Spanish Jesuit, & that of the English Dominican!

Thanking you once again, dear Dr. Jung, for the very great deal that I (& so many others) owe to you & your work, & for your very great generosity in sending me your book,

l am Yours very sincerely,

FR. VICTOR WHITE, O.P. ~Victor White, Jung-White Letters, Page 23-24