Jung-White Letters

A small book, “Aufsatze zur Zeitgeschichte is about to appear and another book, “Psychologie der -Obertragung”13 is with the printer.

In this book I try to demonstrate the influence of spiritual i.e. archetypal influences on transference to doctors and psychologists.

It is difficult and will be certainly misunderstood, as the lack of education is appalling in our days.

I recently discovered the interesting fact, that not only communists, but also socialists begin to growl against my insistence on the spiritual value of the individual.

They are now handing on the rumour that I am a Nazi.

As a matter of fact this endeavour to suppress the individual in favour of mass psychology and of “etatisme”is Nazidom, which thrives now on the left wing. I am also accused of “conversations with Jesuits”.

In a future socialistic or even communistic state Psychotherapy will be a subversive movement, if it is going to last at all.

It will share the fate of Christianity, inasmuch as it is a development on the basis of and within Christianity.

I was reading a good deal of Origenes lately and I was deeply impressed with the profound similarity between certain of his views and some fundamental concepts of my psychology.

Two lectures, which I gave at the Eranos meeting 1945 are now printed. The title is: Zur Psychologie des Geistes As soon as I get reprints I will send you one.

Hoping you are always in good health

I remain yours sincerely C.G. JUNG ~Carl Jung, Jung-White Letters, Page 28-29