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Immaturity of man must enter into all our calculations.

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Practice of Psychotherapy

Moreover, the common weal is best served by independent personalities.

Whether man today possesses the maturity needed for such a decision is another question.

On the other hand, solutions which violently forestall natural development and are forced on mankind are equally questionable.

The facts of nature cannot in the long run be violated.

Penetrating and seeping through everything like water, they will undermine any system that fails to take account of them, and sooner or
later they will bring about its downfall.

But an authority wise enough in its statesmanship to give sufficient free play to nature—of which spirit is a part—need fear no premature

It is perhaps a humiliating sign of spiritual immaturity that European man needs, and wants, a large measure of authority.

The fact has to be faced that countless millions in Europe—with the guilty complicity of reformers whose childishness is only equalled by their lack of tradition—have escaped from the authority of the Church and the patria potestas of kings and emperors only to fall helpless and senseless victims to any power that cares to assume authority.

The immaturity of man is a fact that must enter into all our calculations. ~Carl Jung, CW 15, Para 227