Black Books

16/17- Aug. 19.

Dreamt in Schmerikon: with my mother and many other unknown people in an unknown street.

There are 2 houses to the right, old dilapidated shacks, whose facade is completely pasted over with large yellow posters in many layers, like circus posters.

My mother suddenly steps back and says, “there’s one!” Namely a ghost.

I immediately think that she is truly hysterical to show off before other people with such things.

But immediately afterward I see how the façade of one of the houses suddenly moves and falls down into the street.

From this I see that the ghost had warned her that the house was about to fall on her head, if she went further.

I say to the people: “There you have seen it!” and go away.

One of them follows after me and says to me: “You now no longer need to help us further.”

As if the appearance of the ghost had been enough to secure their belief in the paranormal and that was enough for them.

I have then limited my practice, which was necessary in any case, so I could concentrate my time on ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 203 ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 202-203