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You must let Toni Wolff go.

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Black Books

  1. I. 22.

[I]. Here I am again. Speak, Oh my soul!

S. You have done your task for the day. Don’t drink too much wine. Don’t eat too much. Be moderate, since great work awaits you.

[I] . What are you always playing at?

S. I mean with the great work, the question of religion.

[I]. But you’ve got to tell me about this, so that the disturbance within calms down and I can sleep.

S. You mustn’t want to sleep too much, but stay awake, so that you perceive everything correctly.

[I]. Tell me about what I should perceive.

S. You should learn to look. You should look into it in yourself.

[I]. What should I look into in myself?

S. The thrice-holy Isis, who until now you have seen only in women.

[I]. How can I do this?

S. Through concentration on yourself, through due moderation, silence, prayer.

[I]. But you should say more. Why say nothing if you still want me to speak with you?

S. I can’t just yet.

[I]. Make an effort. I won’t let myself be cheated. If I act in earnest, you too should act in earnest.

S. I can’t, I don’t care.

[I]. Why then do you want me to come and talk with you? Out with it.

S. I must have you at hand, so that if I see something, it can be conveyed to you.

[I]. Have you seen something?

S. I have seen: a threefold house, a house with two wings.

There are two palms in the court and there is also a fountain there.

It is hot, where the house is and the people and their manner is foreign. It smells of oil.

It is African. It is not day and not night, but twilight after sundown.

There is one there at the window waiting and looking toward the north, where his friend went.

His hand plays with a golden ball and he looks like a prince.

He doesn’t eat or drink, his nights are full of lonely dreams since his friend left him.

When will his friend return to him? When will he hear his friend’s voice again and the explanation of the book, whose script he can’t read?

It lies in the vaulted white room on the carpet in the middle and no one has entered the room since his friend left. When will he return?

[I]. I see, you are thinking of that dream of the divine youth, that I dreamed two years ago in Africa. What about it?

S. Didn’t you want to learn Arabic? That’s connected to it. Something in you longs to be back there. Do you know what it is?

It is being alone with yourself. You that you must reconquer, otherwise nothing will happen.

So you turn back to him, he will hear your voice again. And he must hear it again,  otherwise he can’t live and neither can you.

[I]. But who is he? Tell me!

S. He is a God, who can’t exist without you and without whom you can’t either. He must be reached again.

[I]. So show me the way.

S. Above all through being alone with yourself, then through reverence for the three.

[I]. What three?

S. The sun, the moon and the earth.

[I]. What is this riddlesome saying?

S. Not riddlesome. The sun is the masculine, the moon is the feminine, the earth is your body and he is the spirit that comes from above.

[I] . I don’t understand the reverence for the masculine and feminine.

S. You revere the masculine in men, and the feminine in women.

These are the people who represent the masculine and feminine, and you are in the middle.

[I]. But who are these people?

S. Those whom you live with.

[I] . Should I revere them?

S. Not revere, but treat them as bearers of the principles of honor.

You must let Toni go until she has found herself and is no longer a burden to you. Your friends should be no burden and you their donkey.

[I]. Is there something hidden in your vision that I don’t see?

S. Yes.

[I] . What is it?

S. It is the threefold house, it lies therein. Didn’t you think about buying a house in the south? What does that mean?

Sun, peace, beauty, these are the 3 parts. And 2 palms in the garden? That is you and your wife. And the fountain?

A source of love between the two. That is to be discovered. The God dwells in this house.

[I]. Can it lie in this shocking simplicity? Why then my errancy? Why my seeking?

S. The way to this house always goes through errancy, until the sins of the father have all been paid for.

You have discharged your guilt down to the last penny. Now you should live with your friends, in peace.

[I]. And won’t the devils disturb my peace?

S. They will try. But call me and I can scare them.

[I] . How gruesome. Are you really speaking the truth?

S. How can I do otherwise? This is the truth. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 211-213