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My dear Professor & Mrs Jung,

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Jung-White Letters

Bellinzona                                              27.8.46

My dear Professor & Mrs Jung,

Here I am at the parting of the ways, a little uncertain whether tomorrow will take me left in search of a quiet spot for a few days on the Lago di Lugano, or right to Locarno.

It has been a magnificent journey, & I am most grateful to  you for planning it for me. Weesen, Bad Ragaz, Chur, Donunat-Ems, Ilanz, Dissentis, Andermatt have been my principal stopping places & I do not think I have missed much at any of them.

The journey over St. Gotthard, after walking in rain & fog to Hospenthal & in brilliant sunshine to the Teufelsbriicke was an unforgettable conclusion.

But I was particularly entranced by the Upper Rhine valley & the Oberalp Pass.

The principal purpose of this note is to thank you both for your wonderful hospitality & generosity to me – but I really do not know where to begin or end.

My visit has meant more to me than I can possibly say, & I only wish

I knew how I could reciprocate all your many kindnesses.

Anything I can say seems all too banal, so I must abandon any further attempt to express my gratitude on the conscious level at all …

I look forward very much to seeing you again at Eranos in the next few days.

I intend in any case to come to your lecture next Sunday, but I hope to come over before that if I can find a satisfactory hide-out in the neighbourhood.

I intend to return to Zurich on Monday 2nd (when my ticket expires) & to go to Basel after seeing the Club on the following day.

I hope your own journey was not too tiring & that the Eranos Tagung is being successful.

I fear that the lectures which, apart from your own, would interest me most will be over by now.

With renewed gratitude & very kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,


P.S. At Ilanz I had a dream about a ‘plane crashing in your garden & your cook (masc.) throwing earth over it.

The odd thing is that I was woken by the sound of a circular saw, & several months ago I dreamt I was talking with you to the sound of such a saw … I can make no ‘sense’ of it. ~Victor White, Jung-White Letters, Pages 38-39