Jung-Neumann Letters

Wolff’s letter is missing.

Neumann replied to her writing that her letter had triggered “a prompt and so sharp a reaction

[…] that I thought it better to hold back my reply and to wait.

[…] I am convinced that if your letter had been spoken and not written that my reaction would have looked different, but in any case you will understand that the Zurichers’ reaction to my Mystic lecture and to the ‘Ethic’ have triggered my surprise and anything but my pleasure” (undated letter, Wolff and Neumann)

He hoped that a personal conversation in Zurich would clear out further misunderstandings.

Wolff responded in a letter on 27 July 1949 defending her position:

“I just do not know if there is any point in talking any more about the Ethic.

I wrote everything to you that I have to say.

Evidently you have mixed me up with all the other. I was not even at Ascona last year, I have nothing to do with the publication of your book, I am just a regular lecturer at the Institute and, otherwise, other ladies make the decisions.

Also, I told everyone I am on personal terms with [you] that is my view that your book should be accepted as a publication of the Institute.

I hope you still remember that I am one of those who recommended to you that you should even publish the ‘Ethic’” (Wolff and Neumann [NP]). ~Jung-Neumann Letters, Page 288, fn 465