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Thanks for your letter with the corrections of my blunders.

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Jung-Kirsch Letters

Dr. med. James Kirsch
Berlin W.15
Olivaer Pl. 3
20 August 1931

Dear Dr. Jung!

Please accept my heartiest thanks for your letter with the corrections of my blunders.

I was very pleased that you were able to read my lecture so quickly, and would be equally delighted if you would retrieve Fraulein Geitel’s essay on “Psychic Images in Children” from the mountain of manuscripts.

By the way, I collaborated extensively on that essay. I’d also be most grateful if you would say something briefly about the Schultz exercises that I recently wrote you about.

From various sources I’ve heard that you won’t accept any patients this fall, so you can dedicate yourself to your projects.

All of us look forward very much to your new book.

Despite the heavy work load, would you be willing to arrange for a German Seminar again this year?

With cordial greetings also from my wife,

Very truly and gratefully yours,

JAMES KIRSCH ~James Kirsch, Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 22