Aion CW 9ii

There can be no doubt that the original Christian conception of the imago Dei embodied in Christ meant an all-embracing totality that even includes the animal side of man.

Nevertheless the Christ-symbol lacks wholeness in the modern psychological sense, since it does not include the dark side of things but specifically excludes it in the form of a Luciferian opponent.

Although the exclusion of the power of evil was something the Christian consciousness was well aware of, all it lost in effect was an insubstantial shadow, for, through the doctrine of the privatio boni first propounded by Origen, evil was characterized as a mere diminution of good and thus deprived of substance.

According to the teachings of the Church, evil is simply “the accidental lack of perfection.”

This assumption resulted in the proposition “omne bonum a Deo, omne malum ab homine.”

Another logical consequence was the subsequent elimination of the devil in certain Protestant sects.  ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 74