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Marianne Jung later known by her married name, Niehus Jung

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Jung-Kirsch Letters

Marianne Jung (1910-1965): Jung’s fourth child, later known by her married name, NiehusJung.

Early in his career, before he hired Marie-Jeanne Schmid (cf. letter presumably from M.-J. Schmid, 21 October 1947, p. 111 and note), Jung turned to his own family for secretarial help.

His sister Gertrud assisted him, 1909-26, then Emma Jung took over, until 1930, when Marianne stepped in for two years.

It was she who first systematically filed her father’s letters.

At the end of her life, Marianne Niehus-Jung played an important role in the publication of Jung’s works.

From 1956 until her death she was one of the co-editors for Jung’s Gesammelte Werke (Collected Works, German-language edition; hereafter GW).

From 1958 she was also on the sub-committee for publication of the C. G. Jung Briefe (German-language edition of Jung’s Letters; hereafter Briefe). Thanks to Ulrich Hoerni and the Estate of Marianne Niehus-Jung. Cf. also Aniela Jaffe, “Vorwort,” Briefe I, p. 8.  ~Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 12, fn 37

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