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Marie-Anne Schmid: I just marvel at the way Mrs. Emma Jung bears it all.

Marie Jeanne Schmid

Jung-White Letters

Kusnacht-Zurich                                           December 16th 1946130

Dear Father White

Thank you for your letter to which I want to reply at once so that it won’t
get snowed under.

I gave your letter for Professor Jung to Mrs. Jung who’ll choose a good moment to give it to him.

It is rather difficult just now as he is inclined to get too excited about things (even quite small matters) and on the other hand he ought to be kept interested and amused, as he is rather depressed these days.

Objectively there is still some progress, but there are always bad nights and bad days alternating with good ones.

It certainly is a very anxious time for us all – and if I think of my own tiredness – I just marvel at the way Mrs. Jung bears it all. She asked me to send you her greetings, by the way.

I’ve met John Layard once. He certainly is a problem.

But I was particularly glad to notice that he seems to get on well with Dr. Meier.

So let’s hope for the best in his case too.

The editor of the Bollingen Series is Mr. Barrett.

At least I suppose that he is chief editor now that Mrs. Mellon has died. In any case he will be the man to give you any information you require.

His address (i.e. the address of B.S.) the is:

Bollingen Series, 41 Washington Square South, New York 12,

N.Y. (His name is John D. Barrett.)

In case I should not have time to write again before Christmas I just want to send you all my best wishes for a “light” Christmas and a good beginning of the new year.

Yours sincerely,

MARIE-JEANNE SCHMID ~Marie-Jeanne Schmid, Jung-White Letters, Page 58-59