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1 visions

Black Books


Jung:  So look around, gather all your visionary’s strength, reach through even the eternal darkness for the sake of human suffering.

Jung’s Soul: I will for your sake, but the gigantic cloud of eternal night is awful.

I see a yellow shining stroke from the top left of this cloud in the irregular shape of a streak of lightning, and behind it an indeterminate reddish light in the cloud.

It does not move.

Beneath the cloud I see a dead black serpent and the lightning stuck in its head like a spear.

A hand, as large as that of a God, has thrown the spear and everything has frozen into a gloomy vivid image.

What is it trying to say?

Do you recall that image that you painted years ago, in which the black and red man with the black and white serpent is struck by the ray of God?

This image is connected to it, since you also later painted the dead serpent, and did you not behold a gloomy image this morning, of that man in a white robe with a black face, like a mummy? ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 220