Jung-Neumann Letters

It has proved to be as impossible not to write as to write.

It is almost 20 years since I came to work with you and Toni Wolff in 1933.

How much has changed and developed since then, but for me and for my wife too, Zurich was inconceivable without both of these luminaries joined in recent years by your dear wife too—without whom Switzerland and Zurich would be impoverished for us.

Naturally we are at the margin and such an event shows this even more clearly, for the threads of our connection with Europe are in fact these human bonds that signify the important and strong bonds in the texture of our life.

So much is going through our minds and our hearts,—for my wife, Toni Wolff was the only person ever with whom she spoke about herself. ~Erich Neumann, Jung-Neumann Letters, Page 334