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Carl Jung Collected Letters, Volume II

To Countess Elisabeth Klinckowstroem

Dear Countess, 2 September 1953

I was very glad to hear from you again after all these many years. I am delighted, also, that my books have given you pleasure.

The loss of Fraulein Wolff has hit me very hard indeed. She has left behind in our circle a gap that can never be filled.

My health rests on a shaky foundation.

But when one is in one’s 79th year, one need no longer be surprised at anything.

Eastern philosophy fills a psychic lacuna in us but without answering the problem posed by Christianity.

Since I am neither an Indian nor a Chinese, I shall probably have to rest content with my European presuppositions, otherwise I would be in danger of losing my roots for a second time.

This is something I would rather not risk, for I know the price one has to pay to restore a continuity that has got lost.

But all culture is continuity.

I am glad you have met Jacobsohn .Do you know his excellent essay on “The Dialogue of a ‘World-Weary Man with His Ba”?

My wife sends you her k:ndest regards.

Yours sincerely,

C. G. Jung ~Carl Jung Letters Vol. II, Page 121-122