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Jung-White Letters

From Toni Wolff

Dear Father White,                                        July 18th 194642

Many thanks for your letter of July 10th and particularly for the kind thought of the committee of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology about your bringing out a present to me.

I shall look forward very much to having it and to seeing you.

I regret to say that I shall not be in Zurich between August 11th and 14th.

I am very much in need of a vacation and shall leave at the end of this month.

I shall however be staying with Dr. and Mrs. Jung at Bollingen for a time and shall see you there.

So please keep the present for that time, as my house will be closed and I should not like a valuable thing left in my letter box for long.

The name and address of the Benedictine priest and psychotherapist whom I mentioned to you is

Dr. Gallus Jud45

Zollikerstrasse 19

Zurich 8.

I tried to ring him up to find out if he will be in Zurich when you will be here.

Unfortunately it is vacation time now and I got no response.

However, the telephone office told me that he is out of town until the middle of August.

So the best thing for you to do will be to write him at the above address and ask him when is the best time for you to see him.

I am sure you could do so on your way back. But as he is very busy indeed, I am certain he will be glad to know beforehand.

The reference to dogma which I quoted is in the book “Die Gnosis des Christentums”46 by Georg Koepgen, Verlag Otto Muller, Salzburg 1939.

It is a very fine book indeed. I regret to say that, according to Dr. Jud, if I remember correctly, it was put onto the Index later on.

But there are several people here who have a copy.

I shall remember to take mine along to Bollingen so that you can read it.

When you are at Einsiedeln you will meet Pater Ildefons Betschard, professor of philosophy.

Dr. Jung knows him and so do I.

He is very interested in psychology and a member of a society of doctors and psychologists in Zurich.

My visit to England did me a lot of good in many ways. I do hope the same will be the case with your visit to Switzerland.

Sincerely yours, TONI WOLFF  ~Toni Wolff, Jung-White Letters, Pages 36-38