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It is lunacy, like everything that transcends its boundaries.

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Red Book

It is lunacy, like everything that transcends its boundaries.

How can you hold that which you are not?

Would you really like to force everything which you are not under the yoke of your wretched knowledge and understanding?

Remember that you can know yourself, and with that you know enough.

But you cannot know others and everything else.

Beware of knowing what lies beyond yourself, or else your presumed knowledge will suffocate the life of those who know themselves.

A knower may know himself That is his limit.

With a painful slice I cut off what I pretended to know about what lies beyond me. I excise myself from the cunning interpretive loops that I gave to what lies beyond me.

And my knife cuts even deeper and separates me from the meanings that I conferred upon myself I cut down to the marrow, until everything meaningful falls from me, until I am no longer as I might seem to myself, until I know only that I am without knowing what I am.

I want to be poor and bare, and I want to stand naked before the inexorable.

I want to be my body and its poverty I want to be

from the earth and live its law I want to be my human animal and accept all its frights and desires.

I want to go through the wailing and the blessedness of the one who stood alone with a poor unarmed body on the sunlit earth, a prey of his drives and of the lurking wild animals, who was terrified by ghosts and dreaming of distant Gods, who belonged to what was near and was enemy to the far-off, who struck fire from stones, and whose herds were stolen by unknowable powers that also destroyed the crops of his fields, and who neither knew nor recognized, but who lived by what lay at hand, and received by grace what lay far-off. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 306