Red Book

However, just as Christ brought back human sacrifice and the eating of the sacrificed, all this happened to him and not to his brother, since Christ placed above it the highest law of love, so that no brother would come to harm as a result, but so that all could rejoice in the restoration.

The same thing happened as in ancient times, but now under the law of love.

So if you have no reverence for what has become, you will destroy the law of love.

And what will become of you then?

You will be forced to restore what was before, namely violent deeds, murder, wrongdoing, and contempt of your brother.

And one will be alien to the other, and confusion will rule.

Therefore you should have reverence for what has become, so that the law of love may become redemption through the restoration of the lower and of the past, not perdition through the boundless mastery of the dead.

But the spirits of those who die before their time will live, for the sake of our present incompleteness, in dark hordes in the rafters of our houses and besiege our ears with urgent laments, until we grant them redemption through restoring what has existed since ancient times under the rule of love.

What we call temptation is the demand of the dead who passed away prematurely and incomplete through the guilt of the good and of the law For no good is so complete that it could not do injustice and break what should not be broken. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 297