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Symbols of Transformation

Self-incubation, self-castigation, and introversion are closely related ideas.

Immersion in oneself (introversion) is a penetration into the unconscious and at the same time asceticism.

The result, for the philosophy of the Brahmanas, is the creation of the world, and for the mystic the regeneration and spiritual rebirth of the individual, who is born into a new world of the spirit. Indian philosophy also assumes that creativity as such springs from introversion.

Rig-Veda X, 129 says:

Then the One, that was hidden in the shell,

Was born through the force of fiery torment.

From it there arose in the beginning love,

Which is the germ and the seed of knowledge.

The wise found the root of being in not-being

By investigating the impulses of the human heart. ~Carl Jung, CW 5, Para 590