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Compare this with Meister Eckhart’s  words

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Psychology of Yoga and Meditation

Sutta 1.13: None Equal to That for a Son

At Savatthi. Standing to one side, that devata spoke this verse in the presence of the Blessed One:

“There is no affection like that for a son,
No wealth equal to cattle,
There is no light like the sun,
Among the waters the ocean is supreme.”

[The Blessed One:]

“There is no affection like that for oneself,
No wealth equal to grain,
There is no light like wisdom,
Among the waters the rain is supreme.”

Let’s compare this with Eckhart’s words:

All cereal nature means wheat,
all treasure nature means gold,
all generation means man.

In these talks there is also one about the Nadanahain where the Buddhist concept of the gods is taught to the bhikkus. ~Carl Jung, Psychology Yoga and Meditation, Page 146