Zarathustra Seminars

What I meant to say is that Nietzsche, in as far as he identifies with Zarathustra, is a rope-dancer.

Zarathustra has just preached that man ought to grow beyond himself into the Superman.

But Nietzsche does not grow, he does not take roots by assimilating his shadow. Instead, he identifies with his vision, and so it all becomes a sort of trick, like walking on air.

The buffoon is the shadow which is left behind, “the last man,” the ordinary man, and because it is left behind, in the end it overtakes Nietzsche. ~Toni Wolff, Zarathustra Seminars, Page 116

I have just looked over a book by Herder in which he gives the myths of all people.!

And in speaking of Zoroaster, he says his great idea was that man was perfection of creation.

It is remarkable that this idea has been seen by Herder, who knew, of course, very little of the Persian religion.

I thought Nietzsche must have read it and perhaps been affected by it somewhat. ~Toni Wolff, Zarathustra Seminars, Page 209